Studio Services

Adam Vinsant is an accomplished engineer with years of experience working in the music industry. He is certified in Logic Pro X and Ableton Live, which are the two main DAW’s (Digital Audio Workstations) used in our studio. Currently using some of the best software and plugins on the market, Adam can give you that professional sound you are looking for. Our studio is currently a production only studio focusing on mixing, mastering, backing track production, and custom remixes.

GLP also offers home studio consultation services for independent musicians to help maximize their home studio the be the best it can be based on budget and space available. We can assist with room treatment, space design and maximization, proper equipment and setup, as well as software tutorials.

We also offer song or album release assistance. We can assist independent artists with releasing their music to the world without having to deal with the contracts and hassles of a record label. After spending years in the industry and running a record label of his own, Adam has the education, experience, and resources to help get your music out in the world and heard!

Please browse our services below and feel free to contact us with any questions.


Audio Mixing

Final Mastering

What is audio mastering?

In Mastering is the final step in bringing your recording to its optimum potential. It gives your music the professional commercial quality necessary to compete nationally and globally. No matter if your audio is planned for radio, CD/cassette duplication, CDRom/DVD authoring or publishing to the world wide web, it must be mastered to take full advantage of the media in which it is to be released.

Why Master?

There has never been an album worth mentioning, that was not properly mastered by a professional engineer. Most bands and artists understand each step of the recording process besides the final and most crucial one. However, the biggest two questions continue to be: What is mastering and why would I want/need it for my tracks? It is much easier to grasp the concept of this important step, if we know what mastering is NOT.

Good Mastering IS NOT...

  • A simple plugin, preset, or program to finish your tune
  • Simply making audio louder (though this happens)
  • Simply compressing or limiting your tune
  • A means to fix a bad mix or poor levels

Good Mastering IS...

  • Extremely difficult and considered an art form in itself
  • Achieving a particular sound/feel for a finished recording (so all the tracks of the album are coherent)
  • A combination of techniques applied to the whole stereo track that generally include compression, EQ, limiting, and more.
  • Enhancing the wonderful tones and vibes you as the artist have created
  • There is no single solution for mastering, and artists should always consider seeking professional assistance.

What We Do...

In today’s music industry, there is a set, quality standard across the board. Listeners, labels, and other forms of artist support, look for albums that provide a similar quality sound to those that are making millions. Perhaps you are the most talented musician ever and you have written the greatest album in the world. Without a polished, quality sounding recording, your cd is going to go straight into the trash of any representative or executive you send it to. Our mastering provides balance across the stereo field and enhances the overall dynamics. This is also a chance to have an unbiased listener work on your tune. I promise to improve the sound of your creation whether it is being played in the car, through giant pro audio speakers, or even in small earbuds. We want to take the time to successfully complete a product that represents the essence of your sound.

The War on Loudness...

It is no secret that the overall volumes of mastered recordings have steadily increased over the last decade or so. The theory behind this is “if it’s louder, it will shine through and sound better (hopefully selling more).” Unfortunately, pushing the volume to these levels really takes away from any dynamics and/or feel.

We will push your levels so they can compete with all the top radio hits. However, we believe it is important to take the time to preserve the wonderful colors you, as the artist, has spent so much time creating. Many mastering companies use a limiter and just crank the volume. This is very unmusical!

Instructions for Mastering

1 . Make a compressed (zipped) folder containing your mixdown in WAV FORMAT ONLY, with NO LIMITERS and peaking at -3db. along with a document containing the Song Title, Artist Name(s), Songwriters Name(s), Producers Name(s), Tempo, Genre, Cover Art, ISRC (, the Service you would like to order & any notes you want to include for the mastering process, including your name & contact information. Contact us about sending your file(s) as some project files can be very large. Once we receive your material we will send back a conformation email.
2. If your material has been sent correctly you will receive a PayPal invoice by e-mail. Once your payment is received, We will begin to prepare and work on your project while keeping you updated through e-mail.
You will receive your Masters within 3 business days. Its that simple! (Depending on the current workload, the turnaround time may be longer. Please speak with us about the turnaround time for your project before making a purchase.)

Important Information

Although its good practice to get a strong signal, don’t let any tracks in your project clip/peak AT ALL & LEAVE YOUR MASTER TRACK EMPTY! (NO LIMITERS, COMPRESSORS OR ANY OTHER EFECTS) . If your Master track is hitting 0.0db, your pushing the levels too much. Getting your songs to PEAK at a maximum of around -3dB gives me headroom to work with your project. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. IF YOUR MASTER TRACK IS LIMITED, NORMALIZED, HITS 0.0 OR CLIPS, WE CAN NOT MASTER THE SONG. If the master track is peaking/clipping above -3db, go back and lower the volume of each track in your project until the master track peaks at around -3db. This is VERY IMPORTANT! The mastered copy of your song will include a copy in full stereo WAV format with a sample rate of 44.100 KHz and 16 bit sample size for professional CD & iTunes distribution, and a full stereo MP3 format with a 192 kbps bit rate for online MP3 distribution and downloads. This includes all meta-data and cover art that you include or we design to be embedded.


Individual Tracks (Up to 5 minutes)

Standard 9-12 Day Turnaround

  • $30 per song
  • $20 for Gold Audio and MP3 master CDs with Priority mail (optional)
  • $5 per minute additional beyond the 5 minute limit

Rush 2-3 Day Turnaround

  • $45 per song
  • $35 for Gold Audio and MP3 master CDs with Express Mail (optional)
  • $10 per minute additional beyond the 5 minute limit

Urgent 24 Hour Turnaround

  • $60 per song
  • $45 for Gold Audio and MP3 master CDs with FedEx Shipping (optional)
  • $15 per minute additional beyond the 5 minute limit

Full Album (Up to 80 minutes or 20 Songs- Best Rate for 12+ Songs)

Standard 9-12 Day Turnaround

  • $349 per album
  • $30 for Gold Audio and MP3 master CDs with Priority mail (optional)

Rush 2-3 Day Turnaround

  • $499 per album
  • $45 for Gold Audio and MP3 master CDs with Express Mail (optional)

Urgent 24 Hour Turnaround

  • $699 per album
  • $60 for Gold Audio and MP3 master CDs with FedEx Shipping (optional)

DJ Set or Podcast Mastering

Now offering DJ set and podcast mastering! Make your mix sets, podcasts, or demo sound right! Up to 1 hour
-Standard 9-12 day turnaround- $45
-Rush 2-3 day turnaround- $60
-Urgent 24 hour turnaround- $75



Home Studio Consulting

In this world of technology, anyone can have access to the tools they need to make awesome music, but just need a push in the right direction and help understanding the tech and making sure you get the right thing for your budget. Services include, but not limited to:

  • Evaluation of home or project studio space and current setup.
  • Acoustical Treatment
  • Proper setup and workflow
  • Assist with finding and purchasing the best gear for the budget
  • Setup of interfaces, MIDI controllers, and other instruments
  • Training in recording, arrangement, mixing, and mastering audio

For this service, we bill by the hour, including any travel related. Our rate for this service is $45 per hour.