GLRN003 House Music Crate Digging Session with Adam The DJ Dude


Welcome back for another crate digging session this time with the funky tropical house. Use to play this stuff out on the beaches of South Florida and the Florida Keys before natural occurrences (Hurricane Irma) forced us to move our operation out west. And we are very grateful for it! Eugene, OR is a beautiful place and glad to call it our new home!
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Track List:

1. Able The Kid – In My House
2. Mykel Mars – L.A. Nights (System B Remix)
3. Sultan and Shepard – Love Me Crazy (feat. Gia)
4. Paul aus Berlin – Paradise (About Berlin Mix)
5. Sounds of Summer – Praise the Sun (Summer Lounge Mix)
6. Bruno Kauffmann & Ludo Kaiser – The World is Losing Faith (feat. Ann Shine)
7. Borgeous & tyDi – Wanna Lose You
8. Harry Romero – Back (feat. Robert Owens)
9. Wonderlights – Barcelona City Lights (Deep House Remix)
10. Dana Blade – Caliente (Balearic Remix)
11. Boatpeople DJs – Destiny (feat. Mo’Sean)
12. Mario Castello – Freedom (Extended Version)
13. Karium Haas – Get High!
14. Ibiza Groove Squad – I Don’t (Club Mix)
15. Nu Porn Addicts – If It Would Be That Easy
16. Deorro & Duvoh – If Only (feat. Adrian Delgado)
17. Moxnox – Lovestorys (Tiefenschoen Rework)
18. Casa Azul – Martin Fierro (Yorker Remix)
19. Diamond Rush & Matt W – Reach Out for Love
20. Kid Vibes & Man Others – Sunday Without You (Extended Mix)

GLRN Ep002 The Crate Digging Sessions with Adam The DJ Dude

Adam The DJ Dude takes you on a psychedelic journey into his psy trance playlist. Playlist set to sort by key, then the rest just kind of happens. These sets are done on the fly, never before rehearsed, which will make it a bit interesting. Hope you enjoy this episode of The Crate Digging Sessions with your host, Adam The DJ Dude.

This Crate Digging Session’s track list is:

1. Ubar Tmar – Cosmodrome (Astro-D Remix)

2. Life Extension – Calling You

3. Spectral Touch – Sweet Revelation

4. Sound Machine – The One

5. Sine Eye – Green Lands

6. Triscele – Mechanics

7. Foxmind – Contract

8. GalactrixX – Control

9. Red Psy – High Tech Love

10. Astral Sense – My Little Mush Mush Room

11. Neo 7 – Palau

12. Sonic Elysium – Black and White

13. Drop Control – High Visions

GLRN Episode 001 – Adam The DJ Dude Presents: The DNB Chronicles Vol 1.


In this, the first podcast of the new era for Groove Logic Productions, Adam The DJ Dude kicks it off with an amazingly smooth drum and bass mix. We are excited to continue to grow our podcasts to include more genres and more DJ’s! Look out soon for the next episode from the Groove Logic Radio Network, it’s going to be a bit spacey ;).

-Always Listen Logically

Track List:

Deverb – Drop Switch

Prestige – Watch Ya Clothes

Rene LaVice – The Calling (feat. Ivy Mairi)

BMotion & Dossa & Locuzzed – Love Blind

Bluescreens – Bullet

Scar – Caged

Après – Chicago (Technimatic Remix)

Madcap – Coming Your Way

Frankee – Downtown (feat. Simon Franks)

Delta Heavy – Ghost

Killer Hertz – Prometheus

Rockwell – Rave Cult (feat. Phace)

JiKay & MNKN – Take Me (feat. Gaby Henshaw)

Prestige – Watch Ya Clothes

Potential Badboy – You’re Mine (feat. Yush)

Blaine Stranger – By Your Side

Freek – Cobalt 60 VIP

Stealth – The Truth (feat. MC Fats)

InsideInfo – Revolution (feat. Miss Trouble)

Moby – A Simple Love (BMotion Remix)