GLRN Ep002 The Crate Digging Sessions with Adam The DJ Dude

Adam The DJ Dude takes you on a psychedelic journey into his psy trance playlist. Playlist set to sort by key, then the rest just kind of happens. These sets are done on the fly, never before rehearsed, which will make it a bit interesting. Hope you enjoy this episode of The Crate Digging Sessions with your host, Adam The DJ Dude.

This Crate Digging Session’s track list is:

1. Ubar Tmar – Cosmodrome (Astro-D Remix)

2. Life Extension – Calling You

3. Spectral Touch – Sweet Revelation

4. Sound Machine – The One

5. Sine Eye – Green Lands

6. Triscele – Mechanics

7. Foxmind – Contract

8. GalactrixX – Control

9. Red Psy – High Tech Love

10. Astral Sense – My Little Mush Mush Room

11. Neo 7 – Palau

12. Sonic Elysium – Black and White

13. Drop Control – High Visions